How Fashion Trends are Influencing your Interiors

I walked into a homewares store the other day and realised that my outfit aligned perfectly with my atmosphere; Bold blocked colours with a slight 1970’s retro flair. Eccentrically shaped and coloured ceramic vases lined the shelves, whilst trails of greenery spilled out of neutral pots. Rounded wicker pendants matched my circular purse and brown suede ottomans were akin to my ankle high boots. A bright crimson armchair flirted with my blushing red coat and its silver blue throw cushion coordinated with my vintage long collared button up shirt. Fashion and interiors have been influencing each other since the beginning of time, and today’s interiors are no different. 

It is hard to say which came first or who first influenced whom – the comeback of the retro furniture movement or the retro fashion revolution. Both retro furniture and fashion continually come in and out of trends and bounce off one another. Though, it is arguable that this is the biggest retro comeback we have seen for both industries for some time. Today we will explore Living Edge Rental Melbourne’s top 3 retro fashion influences that we are seeing in our styled homes; Colour Blocking, Accessories and Accents and Natural Materials.

Colour Blocking

On the streets of Melbourne and around the world we are seeing outfits with blocks of bright and contrasting colours as well as soft watercolour pallets. In the interior world, we are seeing the same colour pallets in the return of feature walls and soft furnishings such as ottomans, rugs, armchairs and sofas, as well as in accessories such as artwork, cushions and decorator items. For us here at Living Edge Rental Melbourne, it’s a great excuse to initiate sustainable business initiatives such as re-upholstering and utilising more pieces from our earlier years of business. Another more subtle way we love using this trend in our projects is using bolder colour choices with our decorator items.

Accessories and Accents

As a large and ongoing trend, small splashes of retro accents and accessories have changed the modern Melbourne look in to a fabulous twist on the new meets old. Large tortoise shell earrings in an array of colours as well as small handbags made from wicker and tortoise shell accents have been all the rage in the fashion world.  Splashes of retro accents and accessories are not lost on the interior world either, with ceramic and glass vases in various shapes and colours on display everywhere you look. Wicker is also often seen in pendant lighting, and cane regularly featured on various furniture items. At Living Edge Rental Melbourne, our team is loving using cane occasional chairs, retro ceramic vases and wicker planters in the spirit of subtly mixing old with new.

Natural Materials

Linen, linen, linen! The material we all cannot seem to get enough of! In both interiors and fashion, natural materials like linen and cotton provide a tactile feel, soft look and radiate comfort. It is not lost on Living Edge Rental Melbourne how much eye envy these materials cause when styling out projects! Our team loves using linen throw cushions and throw blankets (and basically anything that gives that soft, cosy ‘I just want to jump in to that’ feel).

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