Creating a cozy feel for buyers in Autumn

As the autumn weather beings to roll in, it’s time for property styling to adapt to the seasonal change. When the weather gets cold and rainy, we create inviting spaces to escape from the harsh weather. Buyers want to walk into a home and feel an immediate sense of warmth, so here are a few tips to create a cozy feel with interior styling.

  1. Lighting
    Lighting can make the world of difference when it comes to creating a mood in a home. On those dreary Melbourne days that we get so often coming into autumn, ambient lighting can really help potential buyers feel like they are walking into their future home. Instead of relying on down lights to showcase a home, try adding in some more table lamps on your console or floor lamps in a cozy reading nook. Choose to have a warm light in your lamps to enhance the cozy feel.
  2. Colours
    Autumn is the perfect time to bring out those earthy colours. Burnt orange, dusty blue, olive green and deep burgundy are just some of the colours you can center an autumn colour palette around. We start with a neutral base and build on the space by incorporating these colours into our d├ęcor selection and the cushions, throws and rugs. Earthy colours will ground a space and offer a sense of calm.
  3. Patterns and Textures
    Time to fall in love with plaid all over again! Autumn is the perfect time to get back into experimenting with patterns and textures. As the summer comes to an end, we put away our bright, floral patterns in exchange for something a bit richer in pattern and texture. Cable knit throws and knitted, quilted or woolen cushions always help create a depth of texture to the space, as well as anything with a chunky knit, creating a more wholesome and homely environment ready for the buyer to feel at home. Patterns, such as checks and plaid enhance this cozy feel as they bring a certain winter nostalgia with them and set the image of cozying up by the fire in a big comfy chair with a hot chocolate and enticing book.  

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