Full Bloom in Spring

The traditional selling season is almost upon us! Now is the time to start thinking about how to stand out amongst a flood of new properties entering the market. Utilising property styling services can help draw more buyers in for inspections through building a stronger advertising campaign.3 Living room
On a smaller scale, you can help by minimizing the personal touch by decluttering and storing family items away. This allows the home to present to buyers as comfortable but with room to create their own vision

Now is not the time to neglect your outdoor areas, whether they are a small balcony or a large backyard they can make a positive contribution to property presentation.
With warmer weather arriving comes a chance to maximise your outdoor space. It can be as
easy as 11 Forrester St, Essendon 012a general clean-up of the garden
and presenting it as a relaxing family area
with some outdoor furniture. If you have any questions regarding launching your property
on the market ready for spring, our team at Living Edge Rental can assist. With different stock being available everyday there is furniture to suit every home.


Children’s Bedrooms

When styling properties with multiple bedrooms, it is often desirable to style a children’s bedroom. This helps appeal to not just the buyer but the whole family! Buyers want to picture themselves living in the property and having a room specifically styled to suit this can help seal the deal. Kids bedrooms need to be both inviting and practical.Kids Image 2
Utilising clever storage solutions can help to reduce clutter and provide separate play and sleeping areas. For older children, a desk with a brightly coloured chair can double as a bookshelf and workspace.
When styling a child’s bedroom, colour is paramount. Combining artwork, cushions and decorations in a similar hue can create a theme for the room. Pinks, reds, purples can be arranged to create a floral theme or an ocean theme can be evoked with a blend of blues, greens and yellows.

Kids Image 1Creating children’s bedrooms are one of many options the team at Living Edge Rental utilises in property styling. If you have any questions about maximising the appeal of your property, don’t hesitate to call our styling team in Sydney or Melbourne.


When choosing a rug it is important to consider different factors to best maximise its impact. A well chosen floor rug can make a big statement, and can really tie the room together.
Rugs can also help to separate different areas of a property such as living and dining spaces.Rugs Image 1

Here are some things to consider:

  • What other colours and textures are in the room?
  • How much foot traffic will this area have?
  •  What type of room is it going into?
  • Is the rug a main feature or a subtle addition?
  • Any pets or children to consider?

Rugs Image 2This is one of many considerations the styling team at Living Edge Rental considers when selecting items for your property. If you have any questions regarding rugs or general property styling to help maximise your sale price please call our team in Sydney or Melbourne.

Autumn Colours

Autumn Image 2As summer draws to a close many property owners are hesitant to begin listing once the warm weather disappears. Rather than waiting for springtime to roll around, autumn and winter listings can be great opportunities to showcase your property while there is
less competition. This Autumn our team will be bringing out the rich seasonal colours
of orange, red, bronze and plum through a mixture of artwork, soft furnishings and decorator pieces. Using larger neutral items, our team can style every property Autumn Image 1uniquely.

Metallic and fur accessories can provide
a homely touch to soften any interior. By utilising property styling you can vastly increase your property’s appeal to potential buyers. Our team of stylists will transform your home to best maximise the sale price. Whether it is an entire refresh of the property or simply selecting designer pieces to finish off existing décor, our team is ready to assist you.